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Spaceship Suits Nobody Makes Music
Spaceship Suits Nobody Makes Music

Nobody Makes Music – Shangri-La |

Having to write about Nobody Makes Music’s musical stylings would be like trying to describe a new colour, because while it is a medley of different tempos and influences, it culminates to create a fusion project that is truly unique. Shangri-La makes use of a delicate piano and a bassy percussion sample that adapt to different soundscapes on a fifteen second basis, that makes the song feel like it has an ethereal flow despite the jarring freshness that each new segment brings.

A very experimental electronic indie alt-pop style that I would like to say is neo-soul (?), but recognise traces of artists from Blur to the Glass Animals, also pays quite a tribute to the Gorillaz in its delightful aesthetic and theme. Nobody Makes Music’s three members Yoji, De’go and Haze have animated avatar counterparts that encompass their unique personalities and inputs, and makes for nostalgic visual storytelling. I was immediately reminded of Daft Punk’s smashing soundtrack for Interstella5555, and maybe that was an influence here too.

Shangri-La is refreshing and different, and embodies a passion for pushing the boundaries of music in a style I can really appreciate. The only thing I have to complain about in this review is that it’s a debut single with a runtime of only a minute and 42 seconds, and I wish it were longer or they’d release more music. Keep them on your radar, there’s a creative energy that guarantees good things are to come.

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