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cole overwhelmed!
cole overwhelmed!

cole – overwhelmed!

cole’s overwhelmed! is really almost a pep talk for a panic attack, with the indie singer-songwriter creating an enchanting and soothing ambience for his stream of consciousness to take unwind and gently become soft reassurances. The singer’s sincere prose is a very perfect embodiment of anxiety, where he blames his cautious and wary mind for wanting to tear itself apart – the joke’s on him for analysing everything. He is afraid of burdening the people around him with his problems, but can neither escape his vigilance nor yearn for those connections. overwhelmed! feels like a heartfelt catharsis to wrest control from that feeling of being overwhelmed, and so the artist cannot help but remind you that you still need to trust yourself and take some uncomfortable leaps, and there are brief moments of triumph in speaking up and trusting people despite all the noise that comes with it.

overwhelmed! is a gorgeously crafted down-tempo melody that uses a sample of a ticking clock to accelerate its narrative, alongside its wide atmospheric synths that create a sense of desolate distance that is overcome in brief moments of percussion and bass. It’s indie producer and singer-songwriter cole’s debut single, and is an incredibly high emotive bar to set. I particularly loved and resonated with this one, and glad it came my way!

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