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Tropic Be the One Album Art
Tropic Be the One Album Art

Tropic – Be the One | You

Tropic is truly a product of its interdisciplinary production, a seamless blend of Phuse’s synth work and the soulful beats and rhythms of R&B that accompany R&B singer-songwriter Jo B Sebastian’s sultry voice and soothing lyricism. It takes the best parts of both genres – allowing for mellow atmospheric soundscapes as well as pop hooks in falsettos. They describe themselves as ‘equal parts nostalgic throwback and futuristic daydreaming’, which is oddly a perfect way of describing the experience of their newest single, Be the One.

Be the One is a comfortable listen, a hype track for our struggles with identity and acceptance. Much like the genre, we’re all a knitted quilt of different identities and with that comes deliberations about who you ‘really are’. Tropic is here to remind you that that patchwork of individualities and opinions make us who we are, and makes who we are unique to everybody else – a celebration of our differences. Don’t miss this gorgeous anthem for self-love.

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