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Four Seasons Album Art Hybrazil
Four Seasons Album Art Hybrazil

Hybrazil – Four Seasons | melting pot

Four Seasons is a swing-pop/pop-rock track about the variety of emotions we can experience in one day, and to accept ourselves as a culmination of all of them. Some days are rife with experiences of all four seasons, and those variations are what life is. This analogy is oddly familiar to humorism with a dash of romance, wherein change in weather is often sought to represent changes in feelings.

Irish trio Hybrazil identifies as a pop-rock band, but also have shown their reportoire in a multitude of fusion styles. Vocalist Orla Coughlan brings a soulful blues style, contrasted to the uptempo pop-rock melodies of the instrumentation featuring a groovy bassline. In a way, the interaction of genres works to create a soulful blend not asimilar to the notion of a day with four seasons in it. Gorgeous for a coffeehouse playlist or a soothing evening comedown, do give this coverband turned indie powerhouse trio a listen.

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