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Gea Call For a Snake
Gea Call For a Snake

Gea – Call For A Snake | Ethereal

Hailing from Helsinki Finland, Gea is a self described “ethereal storyteller”. The tag couldn’t be more appropriate. In her music, Gea’s strongest attribute is her ability to weave an almost celestial air around, and through, her serenading falsetto. Widely critically acclaimed, she has won the Hollywood International Golden Film’s Award for “Best Editing”. Her videos, a key asset to her music, have won numerous awards at film festivals. Before the Pandemic, she also toured three continents in 2019. But it’s her latest project that sees her break even more ground in an already pathbreaking career.

‘Call For A Snake’ is difficult to pin down to a single genre. It’s a mixture of art pop, electronic, alternative rock, and all within a very distinctive 80s influence. A nigh spiritual piece, Gea seems to pull the listener alongside her own journey with her compelling voice.

The inspiration for the project began when Gea experienced unfair treatment at her workplace. Rather than strike back and listen to what she deemed her ‘screaming ego’, Gea looked to yoga as an escape. The daily yoga sessions were so transformative to her self-belief and energy that Gea eventually decided to quit her job and embark on a journey to craft the album that would be ‘Call For A Snake’.

“All of the sudden the things that used to make sense to me, didn’t. I had many emotional and physical symptoms that led to a complete lifestyle change. I no longer couldn’t consume coffee, alcohol and meat. When we were in Hailuoto recording this album, I became aware of the concept of kundalini awakening, and realized that I had had one while writing it,” GEA explains. What is Kundalini you may ask? Well, it’s a concept in Hinduism that refers to a divine feminine energy, one that is perceivably unlocked through yoga and meditation.

The album is an ode or a call to this energy itself. The songs are immaculately produced with a cinematic feel in each track. The album can be viewed in four distinct parts, with each of these sections describing a specific phase in spiritual awakening.

Gea describes the four parts as the “crow”, “snake”, “swan”, and “snow bunting” pieces. The first is dark, almost tribal esque in nature. The second snake section is representative of the awakening, enveloped by guile yet strangely soothing. The third section is defiant, joyful, and almost festive. The final section is ghostly but calmingly cathartic.

Produced by Grammy and Juno award-winning Canadian producer Chris Birkett who has collaborated with such icons as Sinead O’Connor, Alison Moyet, Talking Heads, Quincy Jones, Buffy Sainte-Marie, and Steve Earle, you already know you’re getting an art rock masterpiece with this project.

Personally, the highlight of this project has to be Gea’s vocal performance. The entire ensemble is built to accentuate her dazzlingly high notes and transcendent tones. It’s got a bit for everyone as well. The more electronic pop vibe of ‘Your Hand in Mine’ is matched by the art rock opulence of the titular track. The entire album is an experience, one that necessitates listening from start to finish. Be sure to give it a full and devoted listen!

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