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Lydia Briggs
Lydia Briggs

Lydia Briggs – Daylight | Empathy

In an era of abundance of both access and problems, there’s a widespread sense of alienation and disconnect to our real lives. However, we’ve always looked to youthful exuberance and passion to keep us keeping on. 17 year old singer-songwriter Lydia Briggs is an embodiment of that, calling out for everyone to open their eyes and acknowledge what’s going on going on going on in broad Daylight.

Daylight is a moody acoustic pop piece with Lydia’s vocals providing the zest of the track, alongside the piano melodies and an ethereal production. The song creates the ambience of desolation, allowing for her frantically inspirational message to establish itself harmoniously. At only 17, Lydia is both a talented vocalist and an inspired songwriter, and Daylight feels like a sincere call to action for a very structural social problem that feels intangible to address.

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