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Josh Herring
Josh Herring

Josh Herring – It’s So Hard to Make Friends | Eclectic

Josh Herring describes It’s So Hard To Make Friends’ as an album conceived from a convergence of communities he built while in Copenhagen and the United Kingdom. He’s probably selling himself short. From folk and rock to contemporary jazz, improvisation and choir, Herring’s project is a delectable mix of genres into one seamlessly eclectic album. His experience working as a community musician, wherein he lead choirs in prison and with the homeless, lead him to write the songs contained in the album. At its core, ideals of inclusion, unity, and the power of music as a force of togetherness bind the multivariate sounds.

The opener, “Daydreaming”, is to me the standout piece on the album. With an incredibly relatable opening, “I haven’t slept in over a year now”, Josh immediately grips you to join the ride. The song incorporates a spacey production that compels you to fall back in your bed and let it transport you. Guitars, trumpets, serenading vocals, and a host of other instruments – it’s a smorgasbord of differing styles.

And that trend continues with each following track. “Crescent Moon” is far more groovy and up tempo, almost jovial in nature. It sounds akin to an old Beatles song, and that might be the highest of compliments anyone can appraise an artist with. Within this singular four minute song, there are three widely distinctive phases that demarcate its worth.

The titular track, the shortest on the project, is perhaps the most poppy of the bunch. A rather sardonically real view towards modern socialising, Josh spends the song lamenting a common trouble that the socially anxious might gripe with. “It’s so easy for you, you’re so cool. It’s so easy for everyone else”. It might verge on being a little edgy, but it’s a hell of a fun singalong.

Of course, the album’s single “Atlas” remains the most out there and unique composition on the project. The closing track doesn’t disappoint whatsoever. “Even the gods among us cannot hold this world forever”. A reference to the Greek myth, Atlas describes to me the need to let go of this urge to control everything. It’s a cathartic closure to a compelling piece.

Singer-songwriter music does tend to be a fairly narrow genre. But what Josh Herring has done with his latest album is show the wealth of eclectic sounds this genre can bring out. It’s equal parts experimental and grounded – a perfect synergistic collection of sounds, ideas, and styles. Don’t miss out!

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