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Flow State Pancake Love
Flow State Pancake Love

Flow State – Pancake Love | minutiae

Pancake Love is a treatise to simplicity, and the little things that act as the foundations to a relationship, like making pancakes for your partner. The track literally follows the journey of a man crafting a pancake, allegorically pursuing a closer relationship in its three ingredients. It carries a ‘stop to smell the roses’ theme, in emphasising how far little gestures like this can go.

The track is experimental in its musical technique, being an electro-swing pop track that uses a variegation of influences – from a fusion jazz style that comes from the panel of artists who worked on the track to a rebelliously groovy ska vibe. Jordan’s saxophone is the syrup of it all, adding an extra oomph to the track’s bass-y goodness. The chorus is catchy as all hell, and set up shop in my head the moment I heard the song for the first time. A delicious song with a lovely theme, Pancake Love feels like it came from a place of wholesome energy and affection. It’s an easy listen, so you should definitely check it out!

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