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Forgive Me Helen
Forgive Me Helen

Helen – Forgive Me | ownership

‘Forgive Me’ is ethereal, a track with a dream-like quality by nature of its atmospheric lo-fi synths, a song that sounds like a chaotic shimmer. Alt-pop artist Helen dances through an elaborate vocal range in her sultry whisper, only demonstrable by the calculated and brilliant production that the song features. Soulful and slowly escalating to its crescendo, ‘Forgive Me’ ebbs and flows with piano chords and gentle trappy beats until the bridge, where it uses a montage of the various elements of the song.

Helen writes the song in tribute of a past toxic relationship that received no comeuppance, no acknowledgement of the scars it left. Often, we’re left to find closure ourselves, and this song finds itself a soothing catharsis for those otherwise unceasing wounds. Forgive Me is her third single, and she delivers a heartfelt and gorgeous performance.

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