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Christian Wethered La Madeleine
Christian Wethered La Madeleine

Christian Wethered – La Madeleine | Inhibition

Irish poet and singer-songwriter Christian Wethered’s fourth ever release is the delicate track ‘La Madeleine’, as he works towards his upcoming album ‘Mon Petit Jardin’. He has the unique emphatic and forceful style of a poet, with rhythmic enunciation making the song feel dramatic and calculated. With his cadence and articulations, he is able to conjure epic imagery of desolation – writing a grandiloquent ode to the despondence of heartbreak. ‘La Madeleine’ is a reference to the small-town the artist grew up in, and the bleakness of opportunities it embodies in its atmosphere. He creates a melancholy groove that reflects the same, its haunting melodies tugging at your very thoughts as his smoky voice dances through the track. An artist truly capable of transporting you into his head, I’m already a fan and I’m eager to hear more.

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