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Omonoko – Weight in Gold | Bounce

Electric. That’s what Irish four piece Indie-pop band Omonoko are. Their latest single “Weight in Gold” oozes energy, assisted by impeccably delivered falsetto vocals and an infectious bassline. The band describes their need for a break, a dissociation with the outside world. “Here I go/Just me and my mind.”

While the entire group hails from Northern Ireland, their diverse experiences living across Europe gives the band a myriad of influences. There’s a clear sense of musical eclecticism that comes through. If you’re craving some music for a run outside, a jolt of energy, or just to dance alone in your room, look no further. With sounds as unique and attractive as these, it won’t be long till Omonoko starts to dominate airwaves across Europe and beyond. You’d be best advised to get on this hype train soon!

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