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David Burnett, Picture Palace
David Burnett, Picture Palace

David Burnett – Picture Palace | Belief

David Burnett is a storyteller. On the titular track of his debut project, Burnett’s talent for writing wistful and visual pieces is abundantly clear . The Arizona singer-songwriter has long since lamented the lost art of song writing and is on a clear-cut mission to see the craft restored to its former glory.

With a string introduction that sounds straight out of a fantasy movie, Burnett’s sombre debut is five minutes worth delving into. And of course, his words speak far more than they let on. The final lines sum up his attitude and his drive. “Girl I’m destined for glory, but it won’t be the overnight kind.”

While Burnett knows the road above is hard, but he’s committed to scale the mountains ahead. And, if he keeps dropping tracks as transportive and solemn as ‘Picture Palace’, that road might not be as long as he envisions it.

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