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Mark Houston All the Mornings Album Art
Mark Houston All the Mornings Album Art

Mark Houston – All the Mornings | Weather the storm

Blog-favourite Mark Houston comes back with another release, another romantic indie rock track about the magic of relationships, feeling almost like a sequel to Deserve You. In expressing the burden of self doubt to his significant other, Mark realises that they have only solidarity and comfort to offer him, and is thankful for the encouragement and love he is returned. It is the weathering of many storms that is the true rites of passage for relationships, when one truly becomes thankful for All the Mornings.

Houston displays musical mastery by dropping a xylophone melody into the track, along with the traditional indie-acoustic piano and guitar we’re all familiar with. A delightfully optimistic song from a talented artist and a vocalist, All the Mornings is the fifth track from Houston’s upcoming album. Do stay tuned for more!

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