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Ziggy Alberts Searching for Freedom Album Art
Ziggy Alberts Searching for Freedom Album Art

Ziggy Alberts – searching for freedom

Australian indie singer-songwriter Ziggy Alberts‘ new album ‘searching for freedom’ is truly what music is about to me. In seeking to capture the intersectional intricacies of life, the album ends up being quite the in-depth exploration of diving into ennui and coming out with self-realisation. In confronting his own experiences and suffering with a critical lens, Alberts finds some essentia of meaning in meditative self awareness and one’s position in the vast web of interconnections in this world.

The title track ‘searching for freedom’ is quite a testament to that, traversing all kinds of self-doubt like competence and identity, to reach a crescendo of solace when he is able to restructure his perspective, finding bliss in stopping to smell the roses and appreciating the mystery of what life has to offer. What must have been an incredibly introspective and cathartic soul-search emerges as a didactic album in which Alberts‘ soul is laid bare.

Check out his 12-track scrutinization of what it means to be human, that is both simply soothing for an afternoon playlist but also philoshopically charged if you want to sink your teeth into it. Taken on this spiritual journey with meditative piano pieces and classically soulful indie acoustic strumming and vocals, he demonstrates the clarity of his realisations, finding a guided bliss that makes even the melancholic moments seem far from lost. ‘searching for freedom’ is a magical journey to be led on, and I’m glad to have been exposed to it.

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