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The Bramantes Lately Album Art
The Bramantes Lately Album Art

The Bramantes – Lately | One Step Back

The Bramantes are a Canadian sibling-duo Abigail and Eli, the singer-songwriter and the producer of an uniquely funky blend of soulful alt-pop. Their styles are a hybrid of classically R&B rhythms and beats set to a cinematic synth-pop melody – allowing for a perforated lyric structure that allows Abigail’s vocals to be punchy and rhythmic and lend to the disjointed nature of emotions the track plays into. Lately is a song about dwelling on what a relationship is, a funnily universal feeling of disconcerting vulnerability. The mixing and production on this track is simply phenomenal, and makes the song feel peripatetic and alive in its runtime. Check out The Bramantes’ newest single here.

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