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Laughing Boy You'll Never Say I Love You Album Art
Laughing Boy You'll Never Say I Love You Album Art

Laughing Boy – You’ll Never Say I Love You | Soul

Laughing Boy is a London-based singer-songwriter who debuts his career with a melancholic soul funk piece, a track that melts like butter with its jazzy piano-and-sax set. You can’t help but feel the groove that the track works around, a lovely funk percussion and silky smooth vocals of phenomenal range. The song itself, You’ll Never Say I Love You, is a fourteen year old lyric that has evolved along the artist’s journey and finally emerged as this full release, speaking to the magnanimity of the experience the song acts as catharsis to – one of interpersonal alienation and feeling spurned for circumstances out of your control. The debut single also teases the release of a debut EP – A Commuters Aid to Avoiding Interaction, on the 21st of May; so do stay tuned!

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