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Leman Coming Back Home Leman Album Art
Leman Coming Back Home Leman Album Art

Leman – Coming Back Home | Cycle

Coming Back Home is a moody and melancholic track from producer Christian Leman Brown in his self titled album, Leman. Leman, which is also his stage name, is an indie singer-songwriter and producer from Boston who has worked on an onslaught of singles bending a multitude of influences, and now sought to work on a more deliberate and curated experience with an EP. Coming Back Home was the teaser to this album, and rightfully so – it demonstrates an impressive level of production and insight. It is an excruciatingly intricate piece with a dramatic piano melody and a delicate synth-pop harmony that coalesce as an emotionally charged soliloquy. An ode to homesickness as well as a treatise to how absence makes the heart grow fonder, Leman’s sterling vocals make this a feel like a sincere and heartfelt piece. Having peeked the album, I can say that it makes for a fitting introduction but isn’t at all reflective of the styles and sounds he has to offer. Do check it out!

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