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Metronome Heart Sunflower Summit Lace & Grit Album Art
Metronome Heart Sunflower Summit Lace & Grit Album Art

Sunflower Summit, Lace & Grit – Metronome Heart

Metronome Heart is so titled as it follows a rhythmic repetitive metronome beat guiding the rest of it, a very intimate and personal song not dissimilar to lying in bed listening to your own heartbeat. It carries powerfully evocative lyric and joyfully bliss alt-pop laced melody, that work together to manifest as one’s internal monologue in an introspective bout. A song about dealing with alienation, it thematically reminds us to bend and not break, to take Ls and use them to grow. Metronome Heart is a collaboration of two wonderful indie singer-songwriters, Maria of Sunflower Summit and Ginine of Lace&Grit, and truly brings out the best of both of them. Check out this hot collab on Spotify:

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