Jack Norbury – It’s 4am | Sleepless

It's 4am is the opening piece to the EP Catching the Light by Jack Norbury

It’s 4am is the opening piece to the EP Catching the Light, a release from Jack Norbury of the Celadors‘ success. Norbury’s work as a solo artist have revolved around the experiences of the everyman under the hood – the struggles of alienation, expression, discussions of mental health and so on. It’s 4am is a tribute to tangles with insomnia, and the feelings of being boxed in by the confines of institutional structures that are bound to accompany sleepless nights staring at the ceiling. An indie folk-acoustic gentle melody that is able to both encompass an experience of ethereal lucidity while also being soothing and meditative, it creates a stage for the rest of the EP to play out. Check it out here on Spotify.

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