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Ben Meyers Album Art
Ben Meyers Album Art

Ben Meyers – Thunder | Bittersweet

Ben Meyers is an Australian-American singer-songwriter, whose roots lend to an Americana-influenced folk-rock style. His latest single release, Thunder, is a song about learning to hope – probably a more universal theme following the year we’ve all had to languish indoors. It encourages a perspective of looking forward to what is to come, to welcome both the joys and adversities with open arms. We’ve all been hurt before, but the notion of lighting your candles with dirty hands shouldn’t tarnish the light of the candle itself. Thunder is emotional and passionate, while still also being an inspirational ballad whose purpose is to bring acceptance and satisfaction to the listener. Meyers guides you to this introspection and comforts you with his gentle indie acoustic strumming and self-described ‘warm, raspy voice’. Check out the track here.

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