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Hawk and the Wild Lay Down Low Album
Hawk and the Wild Lay Down Low Album

Hawk and the Wild – Lay Down Low | Breathing Space

Lay Down Low is an indie folk-acoustic bop from Swedish singer-songwriter Hawk and the Wild. It is a calming and meditative song, emphasising on the interrelationships and connections that help us coexist, both in relations to each other and the world. He’s got a peaceful baritone voice, contrasted to the high and dramatic vocals of his sisters who do an accompaniment on the song, which aid to the ambience of the track. It’s not as exciting in terms of intersectional genres like much of his other work, but is a much needed breathing space to pick ourselves up from collective alienation and languishing. Hawk and the Wild seems like a pragmatic and grounded artist, and he reflects that in this brief moment of respite.

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