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Anate 3am Album Art Ana Andrea
Anate 3am Album Art Ana Andrea

3AM – Anaté | Mind’s eye fantasy

Yet another release from our favourite chillwave musical duo Ana and Andrea and another single to add to their growing collection of bops. 3am is an exhilarating dance of emotions, a rhythmic pendulum that provides a frame for invigoration. It is a play in the theatre of the mind, where fantasies can be more than hypothetical and one can manifest vivid sensations of both body and soul. Presumably called 3am because that is when your abstract subconscious mind is most at play, I picture the song as an ode to comfort, warmth and intimacy that still exists as a pocket of memory in our minds, that we can draw upon – but those memories can dichotomously be enjoyable and painful. Once again a melodic, peppy trip-hop track, I know to expect only good things from Anaté. Check out their latest, here.

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