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Momentum O"Cuana Liam Cooney
Momentum O"Cuana Liam Cooney

O’Cuana – Momentum | Transient

Momentum is O’Cuana, or Irish singer-songwriter Liam Cooney‘s manifestation of his passion for the craft, a track about diving in headfirst and going where the flow takes you. It is reflective of his quick beginnings in the industry, where he has gone from songwriting to production just this year. Momentum is a passionate acoustic/alternative rock track with cinematic melodies and an inspirational rhythm. It is inquisitive and raw and inspires a certain productive zeal. Give his debut single release a listen on Spotify now.

edit: We reached out to O’Cuana, to ask him a few little questions.

What inspired you to be a musician? Where did your alias come from?

LC: I’ve been into music from a very early age. My earliest memories of being overwhelmed with emotion as a result of a song/music was when Come on Eileen came on our old stereo and I used to dance around my living room to it.
I was always a singer. When I was in primary school(catholic school)(no longer a catholic) I was asked to sing in front of my whole year for my Communion, I never mentioned it to my family until the day of and I sang a hymn unaccompanied to the whole school and their families. My mother was shocked. Then growing up I choose music as a subject in Secondary school and loved every minute of it. I can still recite all the classical music pieces that we had to study. I don’t come from an overly musical family its me really although my brothers and sister have great voices.
My Alias O’Cuana is the Irish for my Surname Cooney. I always liked how it sounded.

What would you say some of your musical influences are?

LC: I think its not a secret that Dermot Kennedy is very much a vibe for me. He’s made me want to connect to what ever I sing much more. I love how he brings a raw-ness to everything he does. But my influences range also from Billy Joel, The Beautiful South, Dire Straits, Pink Floyd, (the list is really endless) I love musicals and classical music also. The Gloaming is another favourite. Somebody take this keyboard away from me or i’ll keep going.

You speak about Momentum in your career. Where do you say its going? Do you have plans for an album?

LC: I mean its really snowballed so quickly for me. I’m not even getting started really. Before August of last year I had never really put pen to paper and written a song. Growing up I had always overthought the whole process of writing. After writing momentum I had unlocked the rules or lack there off of songwriting so I’m still only just starting my career. So I have 5 more songs to come for this EP and since i’ve been home Ive written 2 more so yeah id say an album is coming in the next year, its inevitable. I just can’t wait to be done with covid so I can test out new material and get more in the habit of playing to crowds.

What do you mean by a purist at songwriting? What goes into your technique?

LC: I don’t want to put anything out there that doesn’t resonate with my body. I always need to connect otherwise how can I expect my audiences to connect. Ive also dabbed in the acting world for the past 10 years and if there’s one thing ive learned its to be true to what’s happening on the inside. Reacting to that feeling in your body when you know something is organic and just right.
My technique is one of two things, I either go out to my garage and play something on the loop peddle and record(always be recording because i’ve lost some absolute bangers because I didn’t have anything to record or pen etc) and try and conjure up something on the spot that might be happening for me in the present. Or there’s the opposite way around where id be journalling and something would just come up that id like to explore and if it flows nicely ill try and mix it into something I’ve played before. The notes and the voice recorder in my phone are jammed with different lines and guitar stuff that I’ve just landed on randomly. Often I wake up with lyrics in my head.

It’s been a rough time for indie musicians. What would you say is your best advice for aspiring artists like yourself in keeping yourself on your toes?

LC: Wow I don’t know if I’m in a position to be giving people advice yet but I guess id say that you don’t know who you’re going to meet. Keep playing if it’s what you love. Play for yourself.
Last year I had intended on playing one gig before the summer was out as a challenge to myself. Well because of a certain someone that I met only about a year and a half ago that one gig turned into about 15 gigs and in different locations and then getting studio time with a local studio/label. Also having a loop peddle allowed me to explore more musically. Adding beats and riffs and harmonics and any sounds really that can come out of a guitar.

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