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Elijah Stone – I Wanna Go Home | A longing for belonging

I Wanna Go Home is simple and heartfelt ditty from American singer-songwriter Elijah Stone, featuring a very American-folk influence on an indie pop-rock banger. It is gently paced and rhythmic, encapsulating a sense of yearning and nostalgia in its haunting melodies. Elijah sings about a feeling of not belonging, alienation, and not knowing oneself. He sings about the longing for ‘home’ without knowing in what shape or form it might manifest itself. Stone has always been emotionally upfront with his music, seeking catharsis for himself and his listeners by bonding over shared alienation. His goal of magically making strangers on the internet feel less alone with I Wanna Go Home is a great one, and cathartic releases like this one find an increasingly relevant home in my playlist. Check out the song here!

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